The Last Princess

By Alex














Title: The Last Princess

Author: Galaxy Craze (Surprisingly, not a pen name.)

Publication Date: May 1, 2012

I’ve never been a fan of disclaimers, though please read this one: Do not judge this book because of its title. Do not judge this book because of  the author’s name (yes, it is her real name). There, now I can continue.

It’s 2090 in London, and the city is still recovering from a chain of cataclysmic events and natural disasters known as the Seventeen Days.  Although it is set in the future, everything seems to be rather primitive, as these catastrophes have thrown the country into the past. Electricity is a dream no one mentions, and profit is something that died with employment. This caused a horrible famine to spread throughout the region, all of this unbeknownst to the royal children. Though once the king is overthrown and her brother and sister captured, Eliza Windsor, the only remaining princess, is left to figure it out alone. Left in the alleys of London, she is forced to join the Tudor army, a rebel group created to end the royal family. Retaliation seems to be her only option, though joining the ranks of people she assumed were tireless demons has proven to be an entirely different experience than she’d expected.

Out of every book I’ve read this year, this was the most surprising. The title very nearly stopped me from reading it altogether, but it seemed like a quick and minor-sacrifice sort of book, so I decided to ignore my instincts. One of my best decisions. This book crushed every one of my pessimistic expectations, and then spat on them for emphasis.

Galaxy Craze’s book is completely refreshing, and utterly suspenseful. It’s finally given the universe a dystopian novel narrated by someone in a position of power. It allows you to have a much clearer idea as to how everything actually started, rather than the fractured structure you normally get from a confused and angry protagonist. Although it may not look it, this story is exceptionally rich and fantastically unpredictable. Not to mention, the relationship in the story actually assists the plot (a rare quality in YA novels).  I am so incredibly close to begging you, so please, read this, read this immediately.

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  1. Your comment that Galaxy Craze is the author’s given name gave me the urge to Google her. Apparently she was an actress and born in London! That’s awesome. I’m a little concerned though that dystopia’s getting to be overdone and tend to avoid them, to be honest. Though, this one sounds like it stands out from the norm… I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it sooner!


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