Title: Revived

Author: Cat Patrick

Release Date: Available

Death is optional for Daisy. Ever since the bus crash when she was five that killed the driver and twenty children, including Daisy, she has been part of the testing of an experimental drug called Revive, that brings the dead back to life. Daisy is very accident-prone and dies multiple times and, as a result, is revived and moved, her name changed. Daisy doesn’t really mind, although dying is a real pain in the rear. And she keeps dying of stupid causes like choking on a grape, or allergies. She lives with two of the scientists on the project. She doesn’t really make friends, as she will probably move again in a few years, anyway. Then, after dying of an allergy attack after a bee sting, Daisy Appleby becomes Daisy West. She goes to a new school, and, hey, actually makes a friend. Yet, the God Project, as it is so fondly dubbed, is even more sinister than Daisy knows. Soon she gets tangled in a web of lies — now her life is at stake, and this time if she dies, she dies for good.

I enjoyed this book. It was not the best book I have ever read, but it was engrossing and, at times, emotional. The writing was well done, but nothing special. Daisy’s view of death is skewered, so when she sees it firsthand, the result is heartbreaking. There are many light moments in the book, but the idea of morality and how fragile we are adds darkness. The relationships between most of the characters were touching and realistic, although the whole romance element in the book didn’t really do it for me. I’m not a huge fan of romance in general, however, so I might be a little biased. Revived is one of those rare Sci-Fi/paranormal stand-alone novels. It didn’t give me all the answers I craved, but the ending was satisfactory and wrapped things up nicely, no jarring, pull your hair out cliffhangers. I recommend this book if you are looking for a quick and interesting read.

Review by Annalise

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Title: Fracture

Author: Megan Miranda

Release Date: Available

There is often a very distinct line between YA contemporary and YA science fiction/paranormal fantasy, and often you will find fans of one or the other but not both. I myself have always thought of myself as a paranormal-type, but the more I read the more I realize that my enjoyment of a book has little to do with the specific sub-genre or how unique the synopsis sounds, and has a lot more to do with the skill of the author in holding my attention and evoking my emotions.

When I picked up Fracture, it wasn’t the synopsis that intrigued me, really. Though science-fictiony concept of supernatural abilities due to brain damage did interest me, it was the way the excerpt was written that grabbed me and made me want more. Consistently, Miranda’s writing throughout the novel was skillful and her pacing was perfect. Though I generally have a hard time connecting emotionally with novels, (I mean, I didn’t even cry forThe Fault in Our Stars), the feelings of the characters in Fracture were so tangible that I could feel them myself. Altogether the novel was so real and reality is what we’re essentially looking for in fiction , isn’t it?

Breaking away from current trends, Miranda has created a unique blend of paranormal, contemporary and quiet horror that I just couldn’t get enough of. I recommend this to anyone who wants something new and immersive. Something not scary, but with a (pitch-perfect) small-town-horror tone. Something with a little romance and a lot of intensity. If that sounds good to you, then I can’t recommend this book enough. 5/5 stars.

Review by Casey

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