Somebody Up There Hates You

By Katie

Somebody Up There Hates You

TitleSomebody Up There Hates You

Author: Hollis Seamon

Release Date: Already released!

Books about teenagers with cancer always seem to have a certain style. It’s expected that terminal illness makes a character thoughtful, considerate, sympathetic. That is certainly not the case in Somebody Up There Hates You, the story of Richard Casey, a seventeen year old with cancer, living the last month of his life in a hospice unit. Told from Richard’s point of view, it’s raunchy, lewd, and basically focuses on Richard’s desire to lose his virginity before he dies.

This is an interesting twist on a cancer story, and it’s a take I’ve not seen been done before. Sylvie, the other young patient in hospice with him, is his partner in crime, and together, the two get into all sorts of mischief that makes the reader seriously question whether Richard has an ounce of morality whatsoever.

I’m going to skip the long analysis and say that quite frankly, this wasn’t my favorite book. I didn’t feel as if the characters were relatable, and I couldn’t fathom why Sylvie liked Richard at all. The story was a fresh idea, and there were certainly funny moments, but I wasn’t impressed by the character development. I didn’t feel as if I knew any of the characters, and I wasn’t particularly concerned with any of their fates.

That said, however, skimming around on the internet has led me to quite a few positive reviews of Somebody Up There Hates You; I even saw some people claiming it was one of their new favorites. Mine is just one opinion, so if you’re looking for a rather vulgar, humorously tragic story, give this quick read a try. I’d love to know what you think of it!

Happy Reading!
– Katie (:

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