By Alex


Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Release Date: February 2013

To quickly get it out of the way, this is a sequel, which means you’ll probably be burned at the stake if you dont first take the time to read Meyer’s first book, Cinder, already reviewed here by the lovely Sophia.

After a year of waiting, we finally get the next installment of the Lunar Chronicles. Every minute of that year tore my patience to shreds, though the book did a bit of the same. Throughout the first few chapters of new characters, all I could think about was Cinder and what happened to her after the devastating cliffhanger the first book left me with, which meant that the newer characters were nothing but obstacles to me for a pretty long time. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with quite a bit of free time that allowed me to press on with the book and into something outstanding. I actually grew to really enjoy the new characters that Meyer introduced, and she did take the time to focus the narration on Cinder, and even Prince Kai, for a while, allowing my nerves to stop gnawing at my sanity.

Meyer has once again created a fantastic and suspenseful story, still sticking to the usual fairy tale idea, though this time we have Little Red Riding Hood (as seen on the cover) instead of Cinderella. A new protagonist, Scarlet, is searching for her grandmother, who went missing about two weeks prior to the start of the novel. Early on in her series of misadventures she receives some assistance from a street fighter named Wolf, and beyond that I cannot tell you anything without risking some pretty amazing secrets that Meyer has created. I will say that a few of the characters do collide in a phenomenally tense ending that leaves you more than furious at another year of waiting for the next book, just as the first one did. While I can’t say I loved it quite as much as I loved Cinder, it’s still a without-a-doubt recommended read, and one that you should pick up as soon as you can.

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