By Danielle Chemtob


Title: Revel

Author: Maurissa Guibord

Release Date: February 2013

At first glance, Trespass Island may seem like a picturesque New England beach town. There’s only one slight difference: it is home to monsters. Because of this, the residents of the island are not exactly used to tourists. So when Delia McGovern comes to reconcile with her grandmother and look for answers as to why her mother never talked about her childhood on the island, she is not exactly welcomed with open arms. When she takes up temporary residence there, she witnesses their strange customs and ancient rituals regarding the monsters, including the annual festival called Revel. Although as an outsider she is a social outcast, she can’t help but find herself attracted to the island. Part of this attraction may be due to the alluring, mysterious Jax, who starts to show her the strange world that lurks beneath the sea.    Meanwhile, she befriends Sean Gunn, a local lobsterman who tries to help her feel more welcome in the community. Slowly, she adjusts to the strange ways of the island and finds herself fitting in, however something about the island is giving her uneasy feelings.

The description on the back cover leads the reader to expect a conventional fantasy novel with deathly monsters and a love triangle, but open it up and actually read it and you will find yourself devouring the whole book in one setting. The plotline has so many twists that it seems as if every chapter has a different cliffhanger, enticing you to keep reading. Although it does have the characteristic “bad boy vs. reliable best friend” type of love triangle, the ending provides a surprising plot twist that moves the book away from this formula. Readers will not be disappointed with Guibord’s second novel that is full of passion, fantasy, and betrayal.

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