Pivot Point

By Kayla

Pivot Point

Title: Pivot Point

Author: Kasie West

Release Date: Available

Imagine being able to manipulate mass solely with your mind – to choose what someone else thinks or feels, or to erase the memories of another. Imagine having the ability to know when someone is lying to you, or to persuade them to do whatever you wanted. Imagine being able to see the future when faced with a decision – to live out two possible lives, to know exactly what each decision would hold. In Pivot Point, author Kasie West explores what happens when Addie Coleman is faced with the choice between staying in the paranormal compound she’s been raised in with her mother, or leaving for the outside world with her father and deciding exactly what kind of future she’s willing to live through.

Overall, I found Pivot Point to be an enjoyable and compelling read. West tells her story through chapters that alternate between Addie’s two possible futures – resulting in an interesting contrast between her different potential storylines and character developments. And without revealing spoilers, while I ultimately thought Addie’s final choice to be frustrating, it’s the sort of ending that still leaves you with a feeling of hope. Maybe it’s not the happy ending the story had me wanting and falling for – but it’s a satisfactory ending and it finishes on a note of promise – which, despite the paranormal aspect of the novel, is ultimately more real, and more honest.

While at times I felt West relied to much on traditional YA cliches concerning background characters or plot elements, and while I wished that the book had explored the paranormal aspects and their potential ramifications to a greater extent, Pivot Point was still a page-turner – a book I enjoyed spending my time on. Whether you’re looking for something that takes a step beyond tired plot lines, something with a hint of romance or merely something to lose yourself in, Pivot Point doesn’t disappoint.

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