Perdido Street Station

By Kayla

Perdido Street Station

Title: Perdido Street Station

Author: China Mieville

Release Date: Available

Perdido Street Station is a novel set in a world all its own. Finding its home in the city of New Crobuzon, a sprawling mass of crime and deception built beneath the bones of a long dead ancient beast. Populated by humans and hybrids and the Remade and a variety of unique species – both humanoid and other – Perdido Street Station follows the story of an experimental scientist through a dangerous adventure colored by uncertainty and ambiguity.

Without going into plot or running the risk of spoilers, I’ll say this: Perdido Street Station manages to avoid cliches and stock storylines in favor of unbelievable unexpectedness and creativity. It combines complex ideas and storylines with rich, well-wrought prose, working together to form a vivid, unique journey. The world of the novel is invented and magnificent, the characters are well developed and multifaceted – overall, an ambitious but well-achieved story, and an excellent read.

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