My Chemical Mountain

By Kayla

My Chemical Mountain

Title: My Chemical Mountain

Author: Corina Vacco

Release Date: Available

Unlike most other teenage boys, the three young protagonists of My Chemical Mountain entertain themselves through fearless and reckless bike rides through hills and valleys of industrial landfill and waste, swimming through the ever-changing colored waters of the contaminated Two Mile river, saturated by poison and chemicals. They hunt for creatures twisted by toxicity – reveling in mutated skeletons and tumors and always are breathing in the noxious chemical air that coats them and becomes them. Theirs is a world of pollution – a world characterized by their crusade against the mills and factories responsible, and simultaneously, a world of pollution that has created them and defines them.

While initially I was worried that My Chemical Mountain would be a story characterized by typical teenagers displaying the same, overused cliched storylines and emotions – I found myself very pleasantly surprised at what the journey became. For while there certainly are recognizable teenage attitudes and emotions, they are explored in a unique and innovative way. My Chemical Mountain takes familiar, recognizable feelings of fury and frustration and channels them into moments of thrill and excitement, and in its own strange way, moments of beauty. While initially I found myself skeptical of the boys’ behavior, uncertain of its believability, by the end of the novel I understood why they were who they were – why they acted the way they did – which can only be attributed to Corina Vacco’s incredible insights and truly beautiful writing.

My Chemical Mountain is a novel that carries you away on noxious fumes and chemical rain to a place where you can’t help but feel powerful and unbreakable – can’t help but feel invincible.

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