I Hunt Killers

By Adam B-L

Title: I Hunt Killers

Author: Barry Lyga

Release Date: (Currently Available at Bookpassage)

Every teenager has parental issues, but Jazz dent, son of the most infamous serial killer of all time, Billy dent, has had what one might call a troubled childhood. The story begins several years after the arrest and incarceration of Jazz’s psychopathic father. The book details how it took several years for the authorities to finally bring Jazz’s father (who he sarcastically calls “Dear Old Dad”) to justice. This is because, unlike previous serial killers, Billy Dent adopted several different styles over his 124-victim career, making him extremely hard to track down and identify. While Billy is still safely locked up, a new string of killings has started in the town his son still lives in. When the police remain baffled by the new murders, It is up to Jazz to use his own personal childhood “experience” to help catch someone who could be even worse than Dear Old Dad.

I found this book to be highly exciting and thrilling, as well as possessing a surprisingly original plot. The narration comes from the unique perspective of the son of a serial killer, who struggles to overcome the same murderous urges, and psychopathic nature, to become a normal person in society, and even catch someone just like his own father. The flashbacks to his childhood are a gruesomely fascinating insight to what the life of a killer’s child might be like. His recurring nightmares of his mother’s death reflect the turmoil inside him, and his animal urge to follow in his father’s footsteps. I found most of this book gripping, realistic (mostly), and a nice stray away from my usual genres of reading. It definitely was a violent, and intensely descriptive book, not for those too faint of heart, or frightened by detailed passages discussing brutally mutilated corpses. If you happen to feel adventurous and in need of a good, exciting read, and not afraid of a little blood, gore, and violence, then I highly recommend this book to you.

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