Forgive Me Leonard Peacock

By Annalise


Title: Forgive Me Leonard Peacock

Author: Matthew Quick

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Today is Leonard Peacock’s eighteenth birthday. It is also the day that he brings his father’s old Nazi gun to school so that he can shoot his former best friend, and then himself. But first, he needs to say goodbye to the four people in his life that he will truly miss; his eccentric Humphrey Bogart obsessed neighbor Walt, his fellow classmate and violin prodigy Baback, the minister’s daughter of a local church with whom he has a crush on, and his holocaust teacher, Herr Silverman, who has helped him stay sane for as long as he did.

I never cry at books, but this one made me come quite close. Forgive Me Leonard Peacock was brilliantly written in that it was realistic, fresh, and intriguing, even though it only had two possible endings. One trait that really separated this novel from others in its genre was that it wasn’t depressing and dreary. Rather, it was humorous at times and included some very deep and fascinating insights into the human psyche. This book was written in such a way that I was able to identify with a boy like Leonard who, although not exactly insane, was messed up in his own unique way.  Reading this novel changed me, and allowed me to empathize with people whom we usually dismiss as insane or sociopathic. I strongly recommend this novel, not just for people who read this genre, but for everyone. I give it six out of five stars (I know this invalidates the rating system, but trust me, this book deserves it.

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