Title: Enshadowed
Author: Kelly Creagh
Released: August 28, 2012

I want to cry.

First of all, I have no idea how to rate this. Part of me wants to give this .000000000001 stars and another part of me feels like I want to give it 10000000000 stars. And then a bigger part of me knows that I can’t even rate it at all. Let me explain…

Kelly Creagh has a major talent. She has the whole Poe-inspired, dream-state, smoke-and-mirrors style down to a tee. There is such a beauty to the way she writes these scenes in which you never know what’s real and what’s possible. So much so that I wouldn’t have been surprised if at the end Isobel woke up in an insane asylum. If that’s not fitting for a Poe-inspired novel, I don’t know what is.

But while I was absolutely sucked into the pages and could NOT for the life of me put the book down, while I was riveted, I was so. Unbelievably. Frustrated.

The bottom line is, there just wasn’t enough plot. I kept waiting for things to unfold, for Varen to finally, finally appear for more than just a glimpse in a dream, and I was absolutely disappointed. I kept hoping that the action was just delayed until the end, but even the very climax of the story was just more of the same, agonizing dream world of the rest of the novel.

I realize that the way I felt reading had to be exactly how Isobel felt, being helplessly whisked from dream to reality to is-this-a-dream-or-reality?, and I appreciate that skill of Creagh’s. All in all, however, it wasn’t nearly enough by itself. I don’t understand how something so plotless and incomplete could make it through to the public. That’s why I feel I just can’t rate it: because I feel like I never finshed it. Or rather, Creagh never finished it. It felt like a teaser, “Nevermore, #1.5,” but a really long one. If and when things actually come together in the final book, then I will be able to decide how I feel about it.

I’m so invested in Isobel and Varen and yet i feel so let down, so teased. I really hope the final book finally answers some questions and has the ability to save the series.

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