By Katie

Title: Adaptation

Author: Malinda Lo

Release Date: September 18, 2012

So let’s be honest. Science fiction? Not really my thing. But if you’re a science fiction fan, you’re likely to enjoy Adaptation. It’s about a high school student named Reese, who’s traveling home from a debate competition with her romantic interest/debate partner David and their teacher. As they’re waiting in the airport, all of the flights are suddenly canceled due to several plane crashes caused by massive flocks of birds flying at the airplanes. It’s a completely bizarre phenomenon, and no one knows when flights will resume again, so they decide to rent a car and drive back to their hometown of San Francisco. But at a gas station, their teacher is tragically murdered, leaving Reese and David alone. Shaken, they continue the trip home when they get into a severe car crash. When they wake up three weeks later in a military hospital, Reese and David can’t remember what happened to them after the crash, nor do they know what the strange scars on their bodies are from or why the scars seem to be healing miraculously quickly. The doctors won’t give them any information, but do make them sign a confidentiality agreement before allowing them to go home.

Sound fishy? I thought so too. And things only continue to get weirder from there. I won’t reveal more of the plot, but do know that the rest of the book includes aliens, extraterrestrials, creepy doctors, and plenty of science fiction mystery. And for those of you who also like a bit of romance, you’ll appreciate this book; it doesn’t focus too heavily on the romance, and Reese usually does a good job realizing when something (Her survival? An alien invasion?) is more important than her love life, but there are definitely some sparks between her and David that fluctuate in intensity over the course of the book. Things get more interesting when Reese meets Amber on a San Francisco street corner. She’s a girl unlike any Reese has met before, and Amber’s influence quickly has Reese questioning her own sexuality, which leads to an interesting twist.

The book takes place primarily in San Francisco and Marin County, which is fun and relatable for Bay Area residents. It also makes the story seem more real, which can make the book’s frightening plot even more bone-chilling (in a good way, of course). Adaptation is stuffed full of twisted escapades, government conspiracies, computer hacking, action, and mystery. It is most certainly not boring; each chapter contains something that leaves you pondering over another of the book’s many complicated mysterious plot points. If you’re not a science fiction fan, I would probably pass this one up, but if you’re the kind of reader who likes trying to unravel the secrets along with the characters, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Happy Reading!
– Katie (:

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