Paper Towns

By Casey (:

Title: Paper Towns

Author: J0hn Green

Release Date: October 16, 2008

I want to keep this review short and sweet, because I don’t know how I can make my words do it justice.

I like to call books like Paper Towns “literature for people who don’t like literature,” because, though thoroughly entertaining (unlike a lot of “classic literature” in my humble opinion), it has depth and insight into life. John Green makes characters so utterly normal that it continuously impresses me that I can become so literally sucked into his books. Having such normal, relatable characters also emphasizes the beauty and complexity of humans and of life. I mean, he proves that you don’t need a vampire love interest to really hook readers and that you need much more that that to connect with them. No, it doesn’t have fire-breathing dragons, or kick-butt super-heroines who are going to save their dystopian world; it is not a superficial escape from reality. Paper Towns brings you closer to reality, and it makes you see life from new perspectives.

My intention is not to put down other books that have different aspirations than Paper Towns, I just want to emphasize the rarity and beauty of a good book that can be so normal and speak so loud. Beyond entertainment, it speaks to me on a level that most YA fiction can not, (and in a way that literature can when you can actually get through it.)

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