Title: Beta

Author: Rachel Cohn

Release Date: Available

I have read so many books over the last twelve years that they have all started to mash together in a blurry haze of angsty teenagers, hot guys, and sparkly vampires. It’s very hard to get that perfect combination of genuine emotion and an interesting plot, but Rachel Cohn does just that. Her book, Beta, was one of the most emotional and intriguing novels I have read all year. I stayed up all night finishing it; I just couldn’t tear myself away!

The protagonist, Elysia, is a clone created to serve on the mega vacation paradise, Demesne. She is one of the first ever Teen clones, a Beta model, untested. Clones don’t have souls, they can’t feel or taste, or care. They live only to serve. Any clone that can is labeled a Defect, and is terminated. But Elysia is a success. She is beautiful, strong, and soulless. So what is that feeling she gets when she sees Defect Clones getting tortured in the infirmary, or that pleasure when she eats? Elysia is one of the few lucky clones that gets to serve a family. Her job is to keep the children company, to take care of them. She is living the best life a clone can have.

Yet when horrible things start to happen, Elysia is helpless to stop them. She must be emotionless throughout the plots, and the horror, and the desire, or else be tortured and killed before her life has really begun.

I highly recommend this book. However, it does contain sexual violence, so I wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers. Beta is the first book in a series.

Review by Annalise

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