Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity

Title: Code Name Verity

Author: Elizabeth Wein

Release Date: Available

Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein, is the masterfully woven tale of a spy, “Verity”, who is caught by the Gestapo in Nazi-controlled France during World War II. Given the choice between death and confession, she chooses the latter, and writes down everything she knows on the scrap pieces of paper she’s been given. And that is what we read: Verity’s story of how she came to be in France, centered around her good friend, Maddy, the pilot who dropped her off in France.

I don’t want to give too much away about this book. It really is wonderfully written. Code Name Verity is one of those books that you don’t quite realize how good it is until the last page, when you’re left with your jaw on the ground from a plot twist reminiscent of O. Henry and the movie Uninvited (I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but it’s brilliant). Honestly, there’s not much I can tell you besides bow down to Elizabeth Wein’s genius – she created a book that I will read again and again and again, just to marvel at her writing. Not only is her genius worthy of many awards, but she also paints a beautiful picture of each character in the book, not hiding their imperfections, but celebrating them.

The one thing I will say about this book, though, is that it starts out slow. But no matter how boring it may seem, I promise you that if you stick with it until the end, you will be amazed!

Review by Alyssa

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