Title: Gilt

Author: Katherine Longshore

Release Date: Available

Loyalty and friendship are qualities often explored between the covers of a book, but they’ve never been so strongly portrayed than in the character of Kitty Tylney. Yet these virtues don’t lead her down quite the path she’s expecting.

In fact, Kitty does not expect to come to much at all, however, her best friend Catherine Howard, known as Cat, has very high ambitions. When she charms a duke into picking her and taking her to court as a serving girl, she’s aiming for the top: the King. When Cat leaves with the duke, she promises Kitty that she’ll find a way to bring her to court. Going to court was Kitty’s dream, but is she ready to face the deceptions, betrayals, promises and losses that reside there?

I love history, and I think that Gilt captures the reality of King Henry VIII’s court and his marriage to Catherine Howard. The character of Kitty is a great portrayal of a friend till the last. I really sympathized with her, because she has always lived in Cat’s shadow. Towards the end of the book she gradually stops worshiping Cat and develops her own persona, yet she still remains fiercely loyal, even if it leads to her own downfall.

As you can tell from the cover, this book is female orientated, but I still greatly enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction.

Review by Ben

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