Mystic City

Title: Mystic City

Author: Theo Lawrence

Release Date: Available

Teenage literature is crawling with magical, fantastical creatures. Werewolves, vampires, griffins, the list is practically endless. However, never have I ever found a creature so interesting as a mystic. These compelling creatures have vague human characteristics, but possess weird and wonderful powers, and each mystic is different, so they never get tiresome. The book, Mystic City, is ultimately about their battle for equal rights with their human rulers.

In the future, two families rule the aeries. They have been fighting for decades, but now they shall have peace in the form of a Aria Rose’s marriage to Thomas Foster. Everyone is happy with this arrangement — except Aria. After overdosing on a drug that causes her to lose her memory, Aria must rely on her family’s words that she was in love with Thomas. However, when she meets a rebel mystic named Hunter, she starts to doubt the truth in her parents’ stories. Aria begins to try and find out what happened to her, but will she be able to do this without hurting the people who she truly loves?

This powerful story of love, deceit, and hope is a great read. I really enjoyed hearing about the world that Theo Lawrence has created, right down to the last detail. The romance was very well done, and it was always mysterious, so it never got boring. I would definitely recommend purchasing this book

Review by Ben

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