Title: Reboot

Author: Amy Tintera

Release Date: Available

The backdrop of Amy Tintera’s Reboot is a country colored and shaped by disease – an environment defined by the illness that doesn’t end with death. For there are those that reawaken, pulled back to the world of the living; they are faster and stronger, less emotional and less than human. They are Reboots and they are the perfect soldiers. Tintera’s novel follows the story of Wren Connolly, whose 178 minute stretch of death has removed all shred of her emotion, of her humanity – until the arrival of Callum, the new recruit who challenges Wren to reconsider her preconceived notions of the carefully structured society she lives in, of her unflinching obedience to any and every assignment – to reconsider and reevaluate her very character and existence and all that she considered to be absolute.

When it feels as if nearly every new YA release is a dystopian novel of some kind, it becomes imperative that any new author find a way to distinguish themselves from the masses – and Tintera achieves that distinction with success. Reboot‘s initial premise and subsequent storyline felt innovative and interesting, and while at times employed familiar YA cliches, the story was never overwhelmed by them.

Reboot was one of the stories with all the right elements of a YA novel – the intriguing and suspenseful plot line, compelling and inspiring characters, and dashes of corruption and rebellion. It was a novel that had me turning pages until the end, desperate for a hopeful outcome, dangerously invested in the fates of Tintera’s heroes – a novel that, in the midst of a society controlled and policed by the undead, was above all else, beautifully and wonderfully human.

Review by Kayla

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