The Lost Code

Title: The Lost Code

Author: Kevin Emerson

Release Date: Available

The world is on the verge of collapse. The ozone is destroyed, countries, as we know them, have ceased to exist, and the remaining humans live in scattered groups in underground cities or protective domes. Earth is overheating and the human race needs to find a way to survive.

What really intrigued me about this book is that the predicament is not farfetched. This could be the future for our planet. The combination of this terrifying reality and Kevin Emerson’s beautiful descriptions produced a thrilling read.

The book follows Owen Parker, sent to a summer camp, or rather, an imitation of a traditional summer camp, maintained under a dome. But the camp is located on the site of some Atlantean ruins, and all is not as it seems. There is another agenda, which Owen begins to discover when he finds out that he and a few other camp-mates and counselors have some strange abilities. Their mutations could be the key to human survival, but at what cost to the individuals involved?

I enjoyed this novel from start to finish. The trials undergone, the spine-chilling details, and the mix of vibrant emotions keep you turning the page. Emerson brilliantly combines ancient history with the unseen future to create a fascinating, captivating, and terrible world.

Review by Ben

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