The Paradox of Vertical Flight

The Paradox of Vertical Flight

Title: The Paradox of Vertical Flight

Author: Emil Ostrovski

Release Date: Available

In Emil Ostrovski’s hilarious The Paradox of Vertical Flight, a possibly suicidal eighteen year-old named Jack kidnaps his newborn son from the hospital. Determined to impact the little guy’s life before he goes home with his adoptive parents, Jack names his son Socrates, and drives off with him, his ex-girlfriend, and his best friend on an absurd road trip (and water trip) to see Jack’s grandmother with Alzheimer’s. Their journey is riddled with unlikely obstacles, such as a German speaking GPS. The novel is filled with Jack’s philosophical ponderings as he struggles with existential ideas, trying to make sense of the life he is living. Frequently, Jack talks to Socrates the baby, who responds, at least in Jack’s mind, as Socrates the philosopher.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, often. It’s the type of book that will make people move away from you on the bus, because your incessant laughter while flipping through the pages will make them nervous. But it isn’t just a comedy; it’s definitely thought-provoking as well, as Jack deals with the big questions in the universe. While the philosophical thinking that Ostrovski puts forth isn’t new or fresh, the questions he poses are still relevant to every person who wonders even so slightly about the meaning of existence. Any pretentiousness is well balanced with enough humor to keep the novel engaging. I look forward to Ostrovski’s future young adult work, particularly any more philosophical comedies.

Review by Sami;

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