Return To Me


Title: Return To Me

Author: Justina Chen

Release Date: Available

Rebecca (Reb) Muir has always had a close relationship with her father. He supported her dream of becoming an architect and helped her get accepted into Columbia’s prestigious architecture program. However, her parents announce shortly before she leaves for Columbia that they too are moving to New York, which comes as a huge shock.  As soon as they arrive, their dad announces the real reason behind the move. For years, he had been having an affair, and now he is leaving them for good.  She is full of confusing emotions that she must deal with along with comforting her mother and trying to bring what is left of her family back together. Meanwhile, her grief over her father causes her to be unsure of her own long distance relationship with her boyfriend Jackson.

The bigger question that Reb faces, however, is what to do with her future. The idea of Columbia becomes less and less appealing as she realizes that she was living her father’s dream, not hers. Her love of small, cozy spaces couldn’t contrast more with the stark, industrial buildings her dad had planned on her designing. And now, free of his influence, Reb must figure out where her own ideas will take her.

Once again, Justina Chen has written a beautiful, compelling novel.  Return to Me is full of deep, complicated emotions of betrayal, rage, and most importantly: forgiveness. Rather than dwelling on the anger, the book shows how a person can grow spiritually and learn to forgive others for even the most seemingly unforgivable sins. This book is an excellent read and I would argue is just as powerful and deep as North of Beautiful, which is her most well-known novel.  Once again, Justina Chen takes our breath away with her ability to capture these emotions and pour them out on a page, keeping the reader enticed and intrigued.

Review by Danielle

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