A Visit From Tamara Ireland Stone

February 28th, MB14 was treated to a visit with the author of Time Between Us and Time After Time, Tamara Ireland Stone. The meeting started out like any other, some milling around, some snacking — then settling in for the usual chat, including updates on current reads and brief reviews on said books.

With Tamara at the table, the conversation soon shifted from the customary discussion into talking about Time Between Us and Time After Time, as well as learning more about Tamara’s writing habits, path to publishing, and upcoming projects.

For those unfamiliar, Time Between Us and Time After Time tell the story of Anna and Bennett, two teenagers whose story is separated by seventeen years, only made possible by Bennett’s ability to travel through time (you can also click over here to check out MB14’s review of Time Between Us).

Time Between Us is told from Anna’s perspective, and Time After Time, it’s sequel/companion book, provides additional information and the rest of the story told through Bennett’s point of view.

While chatting with us, Tamara talked about how in writing both books, her primary goal was to examine the choices people make, the consequences of those actions, and how those experiences affect someone’s life, explored through the decisions Anna and Bennett make as they attempt to stay together across a seemingly unconquerable distance.

Tamara also shared with us her experience writing both books, telling us about how Time Between Us was written, really whenever she could grab a spare moment as handwritten snippets and brief scenes written out on the iPhone’s Notepad app.

She also showed us some of the foreign editions of Time Between Us, redesigned with different covers, different blurbs, even a few with slightly varying titles. Some of the various interpretations featured Anna with different hair color, in a variety of dramatic poses — the Italian edition took things one step farther with Anna kissing shirtless-Bennett, hovering several feet off the ground. So that’s an interesting twist.

Afterwards, Tamara spent a little bit of time telling us about her upcoming novel, one that sounds pretty amazing but isn’t due for quite some time  – so we’ll keep an eye out for that.

The evening concluded like it began, with some last minute small talk and milling around while Tamara signed copies of her books. All in all, we were thrilled to have Tamara stop by and take the time to answer all our questions, as well as the interesting and insightful conversation. Hopefully we’ll see Tamara again soon, and in the meantime, can’t wait to find out more about her newest project.

Click here to order Time Between Us and Time After Time


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